AireShield – Polar Series (COMING SOON)

The Macurco AireShield – Polar Series refrigerant product family is a complete product line with tremendous flexibility for detecting various refrigerants. The NDIR sensor technology with temperature compensation allows for the best accuracy while minimizing false alarms. Regardless of the application, this versatile detector exceeds code and compliance while delivering easy installation, maintenance, and commissioning through smart sensor technology, providing an array of events back to the user. This long-life detector will ensure your application is running safely at all times.

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AireShield – Polar Series Data Sheet6 Series vs. AireShield Comparison Chart

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Approvals / Certifications

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) 

Key Features

  • Easy installation to the wall or 4×4 electrical box
  • NEMA4X/IP65 enclosure
  • Field replaceable smart sensor
  • Temperature compensation technology
  • Optional buzzer
  • Event logging
  • User-selectable settings (Default to industry standards) via a four-button interface
  • Analog/digital output options
  • 5 A SPDT and 0.5A relays to control fans,
    valves, louvers, horns, and strobes
  • Intuitive calibration process
  • Colored notification LED – (alarm, warning, trouble, calibration)